Is EZDSK a Scam?

You might be asking yourself “is EZDSK scam or legit?”. Well you can rest assured that is a legitimate and safe broker for your trading needs.

Online Trading

If you are somewhat familiar with the online trading world and how its mechanisms work, you must have seen majority of the people facing hardships and failures throughout their trading careers and this is when they make the final decision of saying goodbye to the online trading world forever. Most of the times, people end up blaming themselves to even try something like online trading or not putting in enough effort and dedication into their investments. Although it is somewhat true, that people do make careless mistakes, but it is not entirely their fault.

How My Search Ended With EZDSK

Most of the times, it is the trading brokerages who for the sole purpose of bringing in more investors and investments, make promises and claims that they could never fulfill, and unfortunately, people end up buying these fake promises and end up regretting ever making such decisions. Alas, most of the online brokerages can be found practicing the same kind of frauds and swindles. To tell you the truth, I was also among the individuals who became victims to such swindles and ended up losing a good amount of my money.

Once scammed, I was heartbroken and desperate to find a brokerage that could help me turn m investments into big fortunes and would guide as well as educate me into learning new ways of trading. My search led me to a bunch of authentic as well as promising trading brokerages but it was EZDSK, I knew I was looking for the second I went through their content. So here I am sharing my review about this phenomenal brokerage.

Online Trading Accounts

I would like to begin by telling you about the variety of online trading accounts they have to offer their clients. Please be informed that these trading accounts have been set up after carefully assessing the online trading market needs, requirements and expectations from all possible angles to ensure that every individual is able to make full use of the services and benefits provided under each account:

Basic Account

If you are new to the trading industry entirely, then the basic account is the perfect account that you can acquire by making a deposit of minimum 1,000€.

Bronze Account

Bronze account is the best choice once you have gathered basic level trading experience and are confident enough to take the second step. This account can be acquired by making a deposit of minimum 10,000€.

Silver Account

Silver account can be acquired by making a deposit of minimum 25,000€ and is suitable for investors who consider themselves to be mediocre and believe that they would need some more experience to take the next step.

Gold Account

This is where things get serious and you can acquire this account by making a deposit of minimum 50,000€. This is the account that grants you accesses that you would need to make huge investment decisions.

Platinum Account

This is for the extremist in the online trading business as this account is feasible for those who are willing to take the highest risks and make decisions independently. You can acquire this account by making an investment of minimum 250,000€.

Black Account

This account is provided to investors who are either invited by black account holders or approved by EZDSK to trade with the black account.

In all of the above accounts, you would be able to benefit from services such as education center, daily market review, price alerts, webinars, account manager guidance, PIA SMS signals, PIA Trading Signals, 1-on-1 trading training and personalized trading strategy, based on the trading account level.

EZDSK’s Unique Trading Instruments

You would be surprised to know that EZDSK only deals with a single trading instrument while majority of the trading brokerages provide an entire list of instruments to trade in. Yet again, this is a tactical and well-calculated move as EZDSK has chosen E-Currency (Forex) that is currently the most volatile and liquid trading market globally. In E-Currency, the investors are able to trade either in decentralized currency pairs known as crypto-currency (for example Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc.) and centralized currency pairs such as USD/EUR, AUD/NZD etc.

In crypto-currency (e-currency), people are able to buy a currency pair after going through all the necessary checks and forecasting and can make decisions, that if turn in your favor can help you become a millionaire a